Happy New Year to everyone!!! Today is always a tough time here.  This is a day that we lost one of our dearest friends.  He is thought about New Years Eve and New Years Day always.  He was an incredible human being that brought so many of us together who many would never imagined would be friends.  He was the real deal of  showing unity in diversity.  The song "Hollowdays" is dedicated to him.  

So as we start this new year, let us bring more positive energy to the world and celebrate life, love, and humanity.  We are living in this FARGONEWORLD together.  Believe in the fact that only together we can make it better.  The way things are now... We are just tired.


Does music shape the culture, or does culture shape music?  More and more I watch the world becoming more and more unfamiliar.  Nothing is more clear than the chaos and disorder.  society and music both are fighting for what they both believe to be true.  The problem is all participants are not on the same page.  Yet we consistently engage with each negatively.  What happen to unity in diversity?  I still believe in that.  I think we all do.  So many are afraid and choosing comfort over what is right.  I love music like I love all people.  The music I make is FARGONEWORLD MUSIC because we are living in a fargone world. We have sunny and stormy days.  We as human beings need to just BE and let be if anything we do is to destroy and tear apart.  We are all the same, but we all want change for the better.  As artist we express our own pains, others' struggles, and society through the optics of all and one at the same time.  Let's chill, get to know each other and grow together for our shared home.     EARTH